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Charles S. Kramer - Mediation/ADR Services


Charles S Kramer Attorney at Law
Riezman Berger, PC St Louis, Mo 6105
Phone (314) 727-0101
Emai:    ckramer@riezmanberger.com   or   csk@riezmanberger.com
Fax: 314 7276458

Hourly Mediation/Preparation Rates
$310 per hour for non-session work (preparation or post-mediation follow-up); $420 per hour for mediation session.

Nature of Practice/Appropriateness for Assistance with Mediation/ADR
Mr. Kramer’s practice is centered in business- related litigation but somewhat uniquely also includes significant business/transactional work. On the litigation front, his practice includes contract disputes, real estate disputes, business disputes, employment matters, intellectual property matters, and all types of business issues.  It involves parties and matters of all sizes and complexities, from individuals to national corporations, and from businesspeople to athletes and celebrities. Similarly, his transactional practice also involves parties and matters of all sizes and complexities, and encompasses the review, negotiation and drafting of contracts, policies, disclaimers and documents of all varieties, compliance counseling, real estate transactions, business advice and representation, high dollar asset purchase/sale agreements and the drafting of all documents attendant to those transactions, and virtually everything in between. The skills developed on the transactional side of his practice combined with his litigation and trial work to provide Charles with a unique insight into litigation and other disputes and contribute to his success as a mediator. He represents both plaintiffs and defendants, and has no “leanings” towards either side.

Mr. Kramer is a member of the approved mediator panel for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois’ mandatory mediation program.

Mr. Kramer was born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY. He came to St. Louis in 1981 to attend Washington University’s School of law, and never left.

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