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The Missouri General Assembly Passes New Missouri Cooperative Associations Act Drafted by Riezman Berger, P.C.

On July 11, 2011, Governor Jay Nixon signed into law the new Missouri Cooperative Associations Act, which was drafted by the attorneys of Riezman Berger, P.C.

The law firm of Riezman Berger, P.C. is thrilled to announce the creation of the new Missouri Cooperative Associations Act, which was drafted by Christine P. Mace, Mark J. Temkin and Robert D. Jacobs, all of Riezman Berger, P.C. The Act was Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed by the Missouri legislature on May 26, 2011 and signed into law by Governor Jay Nixon on July 11, 2011. It will go into effect on August 28, 2011.

The Missouri Cooperative Associations Act ushers in a new era of flexibility for cooperative associations, not only for those located in Missouri, but for those cooperative associations that wish to form in Missouri or convert to a Missouri cooperative. The Missouri Cooperative Act offers numerous choices in operation for all types of cooperative associations. The attorneys of Riezman Berger, P.C. are very excited to explore all of the options now available with Missouri cooperative associations.

Christine P. Mace, Mark J. Temkin and Robert D. Jacobs have substantial experience in working with cooperative associations, which gave them the breadth of understanding necessary to draft the complex legislation. Each was able to incorporate flexible options to address those situations which have faced their cooperative clients over the years into the statute, making the Missouri Cooperative Associations Act the leading statute for cooperative associations, regardless of whether such cooperative is a retailer owned cooperative, an agricultural cooperative, a value added processing cooperative, or any other type of cooperative.

David J. Klarich, Principal responsible for Government Relations, Administrative Law and Public Policy at Riezman Berger worked tirelessly to lobby for the passage of the Missouri Cooperative Associations Act, and was able to secure its passage and signature in one legislative session. As a former Missouri Senator and Representative, David’s experience with the legislative process gives him a unique and effective voice when lobbying for the passage of legislation.

To discuss the possibilities of forming or converting a cooperative association, please contact Christine P. Mace at painter@riezmanberger.com, Mark J. Temkin at temkin@riezmanberger.com, or Robert D. Jacobs at jacobs@riezmanberger.com. All three can be reached by calling (314) 727-0101. To speak with David J. Klarich regarding Governmental Relations, Administrative Law & Public Policy, please email klarich@riezmanberger.com. David can also be reached at (314) 727-0101.

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